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Financial stability

Financial Stability Report December 2021

The December 2021 Financial Stability Report examined key macroeconomic developments, including the effects of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and the prevalence of risks that are key for the insurance and pension sectors.

Consultation on Application guidance on running climate change materiality assessment and using climate change scenarios in the ORSA

The consultation gives general insights in the ORSA where undertakings have the possibility to address climate change risks and provides examples using both dummy non-life and life companies, which will help to design the steps for the materiality assessment and to run climate change scenarios...
Consumer protection | Innovation

Digital transformation strategy

EIOPA's digital transformation strategy addresses the challenges posed by the digitalisation of the insurance and pensions sector, while enabling stakeholders to harness the benefits that arise from new technologies and business models.
Consumer protection

Retail risk indicators: methodology update

Based on data on market activities in the different Member States, the retail risk indicators represent a set of ratios and measures that highlight trends and pinpoint possible risks to consumers. The indicators aim to provide a pre-emptive assessment on how individual characteristics and...

Sustainable finance activities 2022-2024

Through its work on sustainable finance, EIOPA aims to ensure that (re)insurers and occupational pension funds integrate sustainability risks in their risk management, to protect consumers and secure financial stability. The activities reflect the need for global action to enable decisive progress...

Report on Cross-border IORPs


Technical advice on the development of pension tracking systems

With the goal to help Member States in Europe that do not have a pension tracking system in place, EIOPA in its advice provides a set of principles, good practices and recommendations, aiming to facilitate citizens’ digital access to personal pension information.

Technical advice on pensions dashboard

EIOPA advises to develop a visual pensions dashboard to strengthen the monitoring of pension developments in the Member States by presenting a complete set of indicators that allow for enhanced analysis and comparison and are also easy to comprehend. In particular, EIOPA recommends using indicators...
Consumer protection

Supervisory statement on assessment of value for money of unit-linked insurance products under product oversight and governance

With this statement EIOPA highlights that while value for money is embedded already within product oversight and governance requirements, more convergence is needed in practical supervisory implementation.
Stress test | IORP

Methodological framework for stress-testing IORPs

Stress testing frameworks have evolved considerably over the last few years and have become an increasingly important risk management instrument for the financial sector. Stress tests (STs) form an integral part of the financial risk management of individual institutions and have become a core tool...

Final Report on draft Regulatory Technical Standards

The European Supervisory Authorities (ESAs) have developed through the Joint Committee (JC) draft Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) with regard to the content and presentation of disclosures under Articles 8(4), 9(6) and 11(5) of Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 (‘Sustainable Finance Disclosure...

Report on the independence of National Competent Authorities

The report takes stock of the situation on NCAs independence along key aspects i.e. operational independence, financial independence, personal independence as well as accountability and transparency. It should be noted that this report does not represent an assessment of NCAs independence. Rather...

Supervisory handbook

The Supervisory Handbook recommends good practices to EIOPA’s members and observers for the supervision of insurance and reinsurance undertakings and groups carrying on life and non-life business, towards fulfilling its goal of building a common Union supervisory culture and consistent supervisory...

Failures and near misses in insurance

The report aims at enhancing super­visory knowledge on the prevention and management of insurance failures, based on the information contained in the EIOPA data­base, which comprises a sample of 219 affected insurance undertakings in 31 European countries, dating back from 1999 to 2020.

Opinion on the supervisory reporting of costs and charges of IORPs

The main objective of the Opinion is to foster an effective cost supervision across the EU in order to enhance the value for money offered to members and beneficiaries, the cost efficiency of IORPs and the affordability for sponsors. The opinion is accompanied by an impact assessment and the...

Opinion on the supervision of long-term risk assessment by IORPs providing defined contribution schemes

The objective of this Opinion is to enhance supervisory convergence in the supervision of risk management by IORPs providing DC schemes, in particular with respect to operational risk assessment and long-term risk assessment from the perspective of members and beneficiaries, in order to foster the...