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Reports, documents and other publications dated before 2018 can be found in the archive.

Reporting | Supervision | Disclosure

Consultation on the amendments of supervisory reporting and public disclosure documents

After a number of years of the implementation of Solvency II and the information received by national supervisory authorities it is important to ensure that the regular supervisory reporting remains fit for purpose. The analysis over the last years lead to a number of proposals to amend the...
Solvency II | Supervision

Consultation on Supervisory Statement on supervision of run-off undertakings

The aim of the supervisory statement is to ensure that a high-quality and convergent supervision is applied to run-off undertakings or portfolios that are subject to Solvency II regulation. Acquisition of run-off portfolios and run-off undertakings by other insurance undertakings is increasing and...
Supervision | Supervisory framework

EIOPA's conduct of business supervision strategy

This paper sets out EIOPA's Strategic Approach to a comprehensive risk-based and preventive framework for conduct of business supervision on a European level.

Supervisory Statement on ORSA in the context of COVID-19

The supervisory statement on Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (ORSA) in the context of COVID-19 pandemic focuses on the supervision of the internal processes of undertakings that are necessary for having a good quality ORSA in place. The statement is accompanied with the resolution of comments from...

Consultation on the revision of the Guidelines on Contract Boundaries

The Guidelines on contract boundaries promote a consistent application of an insurance or reinsurance contract boundary. A contract boundary specifies whether the additional cover arising from policyholders’ options is regarded as existing or future business. The new and amended guidelines provide...

Consultation on the revision of the Guidelines on Valuation of Technical Provisions

The Guidelines on valuation of technical provisions aim to increase consistency and convergence of professional practice for all types and sizes of undertakings across the EU Member States and to support undertakings in calculating their technical provisions under Solvency II. In the new and...

Consultation on technical advice on the development of pension dashboards and the collection of pensions data

The consultation paper on pensions dashboards sets out proposals for the development of pension dashboards, which will support the EU and the Member States in monitoring the adequacy and sustainability of pension systems. EIOPA invites stakeholders to provide feedback to this consultation paper by...

Consultation on technical advice on pension tracking services

In this consultation paper EIOPA presents the development of best practices for the setting up a national pension tracking tool, an online application that will provide citizens with an overview of their future retirement income, based on their entitlements from all pension schemes in which they...
Risk assessment | Supervision

Opinion on the use of risk mitigation techniques by insurance undertakings

The Opinion addresses the use of risk mitigation techniques and includes a set of recommendations addressed to national competent authorities (NCAs) to ensure convergent supervision. This Opinion raises awareness about the importance to have a proper balance between the risk effectively transferred...
Sustainability | Impact underwriting

Report on non-life underwriting and pricing in light of climate change

The frequency and severity of natural catastrophes is expected to increase due to climate change. As underwriters of natural catastrophe risks, the (re)insurance sector can be particularly impacted by climate change. The increasing risk can lead to insurance coverage becoming unaffordable for the...
Solvency requirements | Sustainability

Methodological paper on potential inclusion of climate change in the Nat Cat standard formula

The frequency and severity of natural catastrophes is expected to increase due to climate change. To ensure continuing policyholder protection and stability of the insurance market, the Solvency Capital Requirements (SCR) for natural catastrophe underwriting risk should reflect the expected impact...
Financial stability

Financial Stability Report July 2021

The Financial Stability Report - July 2021 addresses key financial stability risks in the European insurance and pension sector. The report emphasizes that the pandemic crisis is still not over and many uncertainties remain despite the progress in vaccination campaigns and decreasing trends in the...
Stress test | Financial stability

Impact of EU-wide insurance stress tests on equity prices and systemic risk

Since the global financial crisis in 2007, stress tests have become standard tools for regulators and supervisors to assess the risks and vulnerabilities of financial sectors. To this end, the Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA) regularly performs EU-wide insurance stress tests...
Sustainability | Financial stability

Climate change, catastrophes and the macroeconomic benefits of insurance

This article considers the protective role that insurance can play in mitigating the negative macroeconomic and welfare impact of catastrophes, and the interplay between climate change and insurance coverage. The article first develops a theoretical model of insurance, climate change, catastrophes...
Big Data | InsurTech | Innovation

Artificial intelligence governance principles: towards ethical and trustworthy artificial intelligence in the European insurance sector

The report builds on recent international and EU developments in the area of digitalisation and AI. The report highlights the proliferation of AI in insurance. For instance, AI allows insurance companies to carry out more granular risk assessments and pricing practices, increasingly efficient...