EIOPA is an autonomous EU Agency and has therefore its own financial regulation.

EIOPA adopted by analogy the Title VII “Procurement and Consessions” of the Financial Regulation​ applicable to the general budget of the Union and its Annex 1 - Regulation (EU,Euratom) 2018/1046 of the European Parliament and the Council of 18 July 2018.

Questions about EIOPA procurement procedures can be addressed to:

All suppliers should read EIOPA's procurement guide on working with us and our data protection rules.

Market Research and consultation​​

To better understand the terms and conditions applied to contracts in a particular market, EIOPA invites all interested parties to take part of its market research and consultation. If you wish to present your company, please send us your presentation with duly filled in questionnaire to the below indicated e-mail address. Please note that EIOPA will only consider presentations related to the subjects below.

To understand better the market EIOPA may organise meetings with interested parties.

This phase is for consultation purposes only and does not constitute a part of or substitute for any procurement procedure. You will find more information about our procedures in the sections.

Please note that EIOPA will treat any information strictly confidential and will not share it externally.

Subject Timing Contact

Market research on Real Estate market data

Questionnaire to be filled in

Deadline: 18 February 2022

Currently planned open procedures

During 2022 the Agency plans to run the following open procedures:

Subject Short description Planned launch

Assessment centre services for recruitment

Management Skills Assessment

March 2022

Market research services

Mystery shopping services in the insurance sector

March 2022

Pre-school education services


May 2022

Currently running open procedures​

EIOPA does not send out hard copies of tender documentation. All necessary documentation is supplied electronically via the links below. If you experience any problems, email us indicating the reference number and title of the tender you are interested in:

Clarifications of and/or amendments to the documentation may be made during the period for submission of offers. These notifications are made under the reference number of the relevant tender procedure. Please check the respective websites regularly to ensure that you have the most up-to-date information for preparing a tender.


Ref. number

​OJ contract notice number


Provision of Cleaning Services and Supplies


2022/S 038-096949


Provision of Catering Services


2022/S 062-162073


Interinstitutional calls for tender

The main reason for interinstitutional cooperation in procurement is the potential economies of scale arising from pooling the purchasing power and resources of the EU institutions, agencies or other bodies involved.

The lead institution will be the sole representative of the contracting authorities during the procurement procedure up to signature of the contract.

Subject Ref. number ​OJ contract notice number Link to procurement documents​

Interinstitutional Call for Tenders Concerning Framework Contract for ICT Consultancy


2022/S 014-031036

eTendering - Document library (

Interinstitutional Call for Tenders concerning Framework Contract Application Development, Maintenance and Support (ADMS)


2022/S 072-191003

eTendeirng Document Library

Currently planned negotiated procedures above €15,000

During 2022 the Agency plans to run following tenders in this price range:

Subject Short description


Photography shooting services

Health and safety consultancy  services

Medical Advisor Services

Legal services

External Legal Services on Information Technology, Intellectual Property and personal data protection

Legal services

Legal advice/ legal representation concerning the use of EIOPA’s powers and access to document

Data services

Real estate data

If you are interested in any of these tenders please contact Procurement by e-mail at:

Currently running negotiated procedures above €15,000

Subject Short description OJ contract notice number Procurement documents


Currently there are no running negotiated procedures above € 15,000