Reports and research

Financial stability

EIOPA Financial Stability Report July 2020

During the last months, the Covid-19 outbreak further proved the importance of the Solvency II regulatory framework. The market-consistent and risk based approach helped insurers to better align capital to risk, build-up resilience and enhance the risk management practices, while the adjustments...
Financial stability

Impact of ultra low yields on the insurance sector, including first effects of COVID-19 crisis

In the current macro-financial environment, one of the major concerns for the insurance market is the exceptionally ultra-low/negative level of interest rates. In addition, the Covid-19 outbreak has severely affected the macroeconomic and market conditions worldwide, with the launch of support...
Reporting | Supervision

Peer Review on the Regular Supervisory Report

The main tasks of EIOPA are to enhance supervisory convergence, strengthen consumer protection and preserve financial stability. Through its oversight function, underpinned by the Authority’s founding regulation, EIOPA supports national supervisory authorities in the task of delivering high-quality...

Report on Supervisory Activities 2019

A key area of work in 2019 focused on proposing amendments to Solvency II in the context of the 2020 Review of Solvency II as a result of the identification of inconsistencies in the implementation of some areas of Solvency II. This knowledge lead in some cases to proposals to amend the legislative...
Consumer protection | COVID-19

CONSUMER GUIDE: Understand your insurance coverage during Coronavirus/COVID-19 Outbreak

This consumer guide provides information to consumers related to their insurance coverage during the COVID-19/Corona virus outbreak. The guide is currently available in below language versions.
Consumer protection

Cost and past performance 2020 report

Consumer protection

EIOPA Report on the IORP II Pension Benefit Statement Designs

This document describes the process for developing the designs of a pension benefit statement (PBS) and the improvements made after every consultation stage. The PBS designs are meant as examples and are therefore non binding. They were drawn up with the aim of inspiring the NCAs and IORPs in the...
EU - US relations | Big Data

Summary report of the EU-US Insurance Dialogue Project Big Data working group

EU - US relations | Cyber insurance

Summary report of the EU-US Insurance Dialogue Project cyber insurance market group

Cyber Risks | Cyber insurance

Cyber underwriting: In Brief

This note outlines EIOPA’s strategic priorities regarding the European cyber insurance market, as part of EIOPA’s broader mission to promote sound technological progress for the benefit of the European Union economy and its citizens, while safeguarding financial stability, market integrity and...
Financial stability

Crisis walkthrough exercise: approach and lessons learned

The report emphasizes that authorities in charge of financial stability need to develop very flexible crisis management procedures in order to deal with unexpected events and to mitigate as quickly as possible the consequences of a developing crisis. Provided that the financial system is becoming...
Risk assessment | Sustainability

Potential undue short-term pressure from financial markets

Financial stability | Risk assessment | Sustainability

Climate risk assessment of the sovereign bond portfolio of European insurers

Financial stability

EIOPA Financial Stability Report December 2019

Key findings: Risk of a prolonged low yield environment has intensified over the last 6 months and remains the key challenge for European insurers and pension funds, putting pressure on both solvency positions and long-term profitability Combination of weakening economic outlook, concerns over debt...