Reports and research

EU - US relations | Big Data

Summary report of the EU-US Insurance Dialogue Project Big Data working group

EU - US relations | Cyber insurance

Summary report of the EU-US Insurance Dialogue Project cyber insurance market group

Cyber Risks | Cyber insurance

Cyber underwriting: In Brief

This note outlines EIOPA’s strategic priorities regarding the European cyber insurance market, as part of EIOPA’s broader mission to promote sound technological progress for the benefit of the European Union economy and its citizens, while safeguarding financial stability, market integrity and...
Financial stability

Crisis walkthrough exercise: approach and lessons learned

The report emphasizes that authorities in charge of financial stability need to develop very flexible crisis management procedures in order to deal with unexpected events and to mitigate as quickly as possible the consequences of a developing crisis. Provided that the financial system is becoming...
Risk assessment | Sustainability

Potential undue short-term pressure from financial markets

Financial stability | Risk assessment | Sustainability

Climate risk assessment of the sovereign bond portfolio of European insurers

Financial stability

EIOPA Financial Stability Report December 2019

Key findings: Risk of a prolonged low yield environment has intensified over the last 6 months and remains the key challenge for European insurers and pension funds, putting pressure on both solvency positions and long-term profitability Combination of weakening economic outlook, concerns over debt...
Long-term guarantees measures | Solvency II

Report on long-term guarantees measures and measures on equity risk 2019

The Solvency II Directive requires a review of the long-term guarantees measures (LTG) and the measures on equity risk until 1 January 2021. As part of this review, EIOPA reports annually on the impact of the application of the LTG measures and the measures on equity risk to the European Parliament...
Long-term guarantees measures | Solvency II

Insurers' asset and liability management in relation to the illiquidity of their liabilities

The report supplements information provided in EIOPA's annual reports on long-term guarantee measures and is published in response to a request from the European Commission in the context of the 2020 Review of Solvency II. The report provides information on: insurance liabilities; the asset...
Solvency II

Report on the use of capital add-ons during 2018

This analysis is based on 2018 year-end Solvency II data collected under Directive 2009/138/EC as reported by the undertakings and insurance groups complemented by a survey that entailed both qualitative and quantitative questions.
Consumer protection

Consumer Trends Report 2019​

Key findings: Transparency and disclosure of information to consumers has overall improved The digitalisation of the insurance sector continues showing potential for improving the consumer experience and brings new opportunities for insurers However, areas that could cause potential consumer...
Consumer protection | Cross-border

Fact Sheet - Consumer Protection Issues in Travel Insurance

Statistics | Financial stability

European Insurance Overview 2019

Consumer protection | Cross-border

Consumer Protection Issues in Travel Insurance

While travel insurance is mostly a ‘small-ticket’ business, it can be critical for consumers, since the impact of insufficient cover or denied claims – in particular for medical expenses while travelling – can be extensive at the individual level. Discover EIOPA's research on the topic and its key...
Solvency II

2020 Review of Solvency II - In Brief