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2804 /

Does the reference in Article 12(2) of Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2015/35 (DR) to Article 10(2) DR mean that where intangible assets, which can be sold separately, are shown in the solvency balance sheet, the value of these intangible assets must be based on quoted market prices in active markets for the same assets?

QA | 22 Sep 2023

2926 / Central public register (Art. 13 PEPP)

I recently discovered Pan-European Personal Pension Product (PEPP) and I would like to be beneficial from this service. However, when I checked an overview of all PEPP sold/registered in the EU, I can find only 8 entries from same provider. Would it be possible to have more provider and more countries in the list?

QA | 08 Dec 2023

2880 / Reporting Templates

According to the instructions for S.04.05 "Undertakings shall report on a country-by-country basis for at least 95 % of gross written premium. All business shall be reported, however, any residual business over the 95 % threshold may be grouped as ‘other countries’." Question: Does the 95% threshold equally apply to S.04.04 as "The reporting instructions for template S.04.04 should be read in conjunction with the reporting instructions for S.04.03 and S.04.05."?

QA | 09 Nov 2023

2955 / Risk Free Rate (RFR)

I am trying to replicate UFR calculation for 2024, Annex 1 of the below report. I am not able to replicate the values for any of the countries. Can you give me the exact data sources used for this calculation?

QA | 17 Jan 2024

2795 / Technical Provisions (TPs)

The revised Guidelines on Valuation of Technical Provisions introduced guideline 53a, fostering the stochastic valuation "for the valuation of technical provisions of contracts whose cash flows depend on future events and developments, in particular those with material options and guarantees."

QA | 20 Sep 2023

2946 / Validations

Can EIOPA please confirm that Q&A#2649 answer is still valid, "Both the LOG and BV1213 are correct. Namely, column C0120 should be empty for CIC categories mentioned in the LOG (##71, ##(75, ##8# and ##9#). .....". We ask because we note that the validation BV1213 has been deactivated and based on the comment (reason for deactivation) in the EIOPA validations file it is due to the problem identified in Q&A#2649. But EIOPA answered Q&A#2649 indicating that BV1213 was correct, so the situation now is quite unclear.

QA | 03 Jan 2024

2962 / Validations

In the 2.8.0 Solvency II taxonomy, there is the column "Notional amount of the derivative" (C0130) in the S. table. The monetary value in this column has to be reported in a currency given in the S. table in column "Currency" (C0370). The XBRL taxonomy does not include a reference to the AF dimension with member s2c_CA:x1, besides of some LABEL in the DPM dictionary of the metric mi2822. But your filing rules (page 13, paragraph "3.1 - One explicit currency") clearly say that "Such facts are associated to the member "Expressed in currency of denomination

QA | 24 Jan 2024

2960 / Reporting Templates

I would like to know in the template E.04.01.16 life part, do we need to include also Health SLT LOBs as in S.12.02.01? because in the log, it says 'Countries that are inside the materiality threshold in S.12.02 are also to be reported country-by-country in template E.04.01.' and in S.12.02.01 we have both Life and Health SLT LOBs.

QA | 19 Jan 2024

2838 / Freedom to provide services (Art. 4 and 5 IDD)

Is it allowed for an insurance intermediary (untied agent) to act under the freedom of services (FOS) for certain insurance classes in another EU member state (host member state) if the insurance undertaking, on which behalf the intermediary is acting in its home member state, is not authorized to perform FOS for those insurance classes in the host member state? If it is allowed, can the intermediary take mandates from other insurers in the host member state (different form the insurer, which the intermediary represents in its home member state) or from other intermediaries, authorized in the host member state (horizontal collaborations)?

QA | 19 Oct 2023

2918 / Reporting Templates

We need to identify the economic sector of the issuer. Reading ITS, only CIC 87 and 88 are not required. But how to identify it for CIC86 - Loans on policies ? Actually, we have one line for this type of CIC summarizing the whole loans on policies. What issuer sector is advised to complete please?

QA | 06 Dec 2023