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891 / Reporting Templates

The French reinsurer CCR has an unlimited State guarantee for the Natural Disasters.Is it possible to highlight the above in the QRT S.31.01 ? If yes, as the guarantee is unlimited, which amount has to be reported ?This form of guarantee has can be highlight as a collateral in QRT S.30.04 ?

QA | 14 Dec 2016

2553 / Reporting Templates

Regards the new S.06.04 QRT for 2.8 and the associated LOG guidance (in the draft business package supporting SII taxonomy 2.8.0)..We have the following questions we would welcome clarification on.1. Is PPE included within "investments" exposed to physical risk? The LOG guidance for R0020 doesn't...

QA | 06 Jan 2023

2523 / Solvency Capital Requirement (SCR)

1.The contractual terms referenced in the query 2367 are those between the insurer and its direct counterparty the intermediary? 2.The response included in query 2367 states that these cashflows should be included within the technical provisions, given they relate to the insurance obligations and...

QA | 08 Nov 2022

2320 / Reporting Templates

S.05.01 Changes in Technical Provisions(Non Life rows R0410-R0500 and Life rows R1710 – R1800)It is clear from questions 571, 1176 and others that template S.05.01 is reported from an accounting perspective (Local GAAP or IFRS if accepted as local GAAP).Under SII there is no requirement to perform...

QA | 30 Jul 2021

2583 / Other

Is a host competent authority based on the treaty of the European Union allowed to charge a fee for the purpose of conduct of business supervision on insurance distributors wishing to carry out cross border business activities based on FOE/FOS in the host member state?

QA | 21 Feb 2023

2518 / Technical Provisions (TPs)

Can income (in the form of fees and interest) payable to an insurance broker on premium finance arrangements be included in the “contract boundary of insurance contract” and technical provisions of the insurer where the broker is in the insurer’s group and enters into a binding agreement with the...

QA | 24 Oct 2022

2568 / Reporting Templates

We require further clarification to the answer provided for EIOPA Q&A 2359 (below) Follow up questions: For pending trades payables/receivable, you have confirmed that the value should be reported as XT79, and classified under “Any other assets, not elsewhere shown” (R0420).

QA | 02 Feb 2023

2572 / Solvency Capital Requirement (SCR)

Could you please clarify the meaning of "Exposures that are fully, unconditionally and irrevocably guaranteed by one of the counterparties mentioned in points (a) to (d), where the guarantee meets the requirements set out in Article 215, shall also be assigned a risk factor gi for market risk concentration of 0 %.

QA | 06 Feb 2023

2541 / Reporting Templates

Regarding the taxonomy review column 0280 "Type of VA being used in the group internal model" is added to the template. Is this column only applicable when applying a full internal model, or also when applying a partial internal model?

QA | 09 Dec 2022

2423 / Group Own funds

Regarding reporting of own funds at group level, following Article 222 of Directive 2009/138/EC several accounts can be deemed non-available, for instance non-available subordinated MMA on R0060, to consider against subordinated MMA on R0050.Is the sum of these non-available accounts included in...

QA | 11 Apr 2022