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2589 / Reporting Templates

Regards the new S.37.02 and S.37.03 QRT for 2.8 and the associated LOG guidance (in the draft business package supporting SII taxonomy 2.8.0).

QA | 27 Feb 2023

2526 / Reporting Templates

Our question regards new FSR templates S.14.04 and S.14.05 (in the draft business package supporting SII taxonomy 2.8.0).We appreciate there is a comment in release notes regards S.14.04 and C0240 being used in table 1 and 2 but that comment relates to the re-use of the C0240 column name (for...

QA | 16 Nov 2022

2607 / Solvency Capital Requirement (SCR)

I would like to know how to calculate "Dampener Equity" for actions in the context of Solvency 2, as well as the information and calculation methods used to determine this coefficient.

QA | 16 Mar 2023

2299 / Reporting Templates

I am reaching out to get clarity on how to accurately assign 3rd and 4th position CIC values for ETC (Exchange Traded Commodity) instruments.

QA | 27 May 2021

2571 / Reporting Templates

About the new "Currency" field introduced by taxonomy 2.8.0: 1) The rule states that “the breakdown by currency is only be required to cover 90% of reinsurance recoverables.

QA | 06 Feb 2023

2594 / Validations

We would like a clarification about some discrepancies we noticed in the Solvency II list of validations published in the PWD3 of the Taxonomy 2.8.0.

QA | 08 Mar 2023

2455 / Solvency Capital Requirement (SCR)

My question is w.r.t the Article 5, point 2 a and b, where it mentions to use the issue level rating primarily and if not available it should use the issuer level rating, however can the user choose between either 1) to let the unrated issue go as it is and calculate the spread risk of CQS 8th...

QA | 05 Jul 2022

2552 / Reporting Templates

Regards the new S.04.04 QRT for 2.8 and the associated LOG guidance (in the draft business package supporting SII taxonomy 2.8.0). We have a slight doubt particularly in relation to what is in scope for C0020 and C0030 how they overlap. One would think that FPS by definition means business written...

QA | 06 Jan 2023

1983 / Solvency Capital Requirement (SCR)

Within the reviewed regulation (EU) 2019/981 of 8 March 2019, in the English version of Article 116(3) point (d)(ii) on Future Premiums for multi-year contracts it is stated that

QA | 10 Jul 2019

2557 / Financial Stability Reporting

S.14.05.11 - Liquidity risk for non-life business, you specified that This template includes information about liquidity risk and collects portfolio information on non-life claims, cashed premiums and unearned premiums. For the first table we have only two columns: line identification and country...

QA | 10 Jan 2023