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It is about the assessment of the Liquidity Condition for a (possible) transfer from IBOR to OIS swaps for Euro-area. Art. 38 would "communicate liquidity developments". Has anything been communicated since this report, and if yes, where can I find this? 

For example: we (Insurance Z) acquired 100% of the shares of an unlisted non-insurance undertaking (Company A) on 31.3.2023. We will evaluate SII value according to the paragraph 5. of the article 13. (COMMISSION DELEGATED REGULATION (EU) 2015/35), because valuation of individual assets and liabilities in accordance with the paragraph 4. of the article 13. is not practicable.

Could you please confirm how we should consolidate a 49% stake in an insurance undertakings, with details about both impact on own funds and SCR. How should we reason on tiering? Should we consider 49% of UT1, T1, T2 and T3% or should we take the 49% of total own funds and then reason in a different way?

Our inquiry pertains to the removal of “Changes in other technical provisions” and the addition of “Balance- other technical expenses/ income” in S.05.01. We report according to Local GAAP and not IFRS 17. As we understand it, S.05.01 it is not supposed to be a full Income statement or even present ”the full technical result” that is reported? Is this correct? If correct, but that it raises some questions about what should be the difference between S.05.01 and ”the full technical result”? Previously, life-insurance companies reported the following under “Changes in other technical provisions”:

Could you please specify the usage of S.36.05 (IGT - P&L)? (1) We are wondering if any entry within S.36.01 and S.36.02 requires also an entry within S.36.05, even if the interest or dividends are below the reporting threshold for significant transactions. Example: internal loan 100, interest 5, reporting threshold 75

In the course of taxonomy 2.8.0, the definition of CIC codes, so that also corporate bonds guaranteed by sovereigns but issued in non-domestic currencies are part of the Government Bonds group (CIC=1). However, it is unclear in which subcategory these bonds should be captured. We believe that due to any other appropriate subcategory, such bonds should be classified as CIC=19, correct?

I am writing to bring to your attention a notable discrepancy we have identified between the Insurance Technical Specifications (ITS) and the Data Point Model (DPM) dictionary, specifically in the Taxonomy 2.8.0 hotfix. The issue pertains to a mismatch in the data for column C0030, as outlined in Table S. In the ITS, "36 – Life reinsurance" is listed as a valid option. However, this option appears to be absent in the DPM dictionary under the reference hierarchy code (68 in LB),

Is it correct that the heading "Group solvency calculation" should be over all three columns C0260, C0270 and C0280 and not only over C0260 as in the current Excel annotated template S.32.01.04? The specifications to C0270 and C0280 are depicted in the ITS at least together with C0260 under the the heading "Group solvency calculation".