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1616 / Other

Are manufacturers of insurance products expected to identify the target market where insurance products are targeted to legal persons?

QA | 10 Jul 2018

1617 / Other

How would the Product Oversight and Governance requirements apply in the context of group insurance contracts?

QA | 10 Jul 2018

1618 / Other

What action are manufacturers expected to take if products are distributed to customers outside of the target market? Examples of appropriate action?

QA | 10 Jul 2018

1615 / Other

Are manufacturers of insurance products expected to apply the Product Oversight and Governance requirements with regard to insurance products which are distributed by ancillary insurance intermediaries exempted from the scope of the IDD?

QA | 10 Jul 2018

1614 / Other

How can the manufacturer demonstrate that they have taken into account the level of information available to customers and the financial literacy of customers?

QA | 10 Jul 2018

1612 / Other

Can EIOPA provide more guidance on how to assess the granularity of the target market?

QA | 10 Jul 2018

1903 / Reporting Templates

For investments in private equity funds there is normally not possible to report Quantity in C0130, S.06.02 List of assets. Can it be wise to report just 1.0 in C0130/Quantity or should the cell be left empty?

QA | 04 Apr 2019

1904 / Reporting Templates

When a company sells equity there will be a short term cash receivable during the time the shares been sold but the settlement for cash is not made. In the balance sheet S.02.01 it will be reported in R0420/ Any other assets, not elsewhere shown. In S.06.02 List of assets. Our view is that the...

QA | 04 Apr 2019

1613 / Other

How is the target market identified in practice if the insurance product is required by law?

QA | 10 Jul 2018

2487 / Packaged retail and insurance-based investment products (PRIIPs)

Is it necessary to draw up and provide a PRIIPs KID in relation to a multi-option insurance-based investment product that is closed to new investment, but for which new underlying investment options are made available to existing investors, that were not available prior to 1 January 2018?

QA | 15 May 2018