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European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority

Managing sustainability risks

Integration of sustainability risk assessment in prudential regulation

Sustainability risks can affect the assets and liabilities of insurers and occupational pension providers. Regulatory requirements aim at ensuring risks are properly identified and managed. EIOPA has issued advice and guidance to support the sectors’ sustainability risk management, addressing governance requirements, own risk (and solvency) assessment, as well as the prudential treatment of sustainability risks related to insurers’ assets and liabilities.

Stress testing

EIOPA carries out regular stress tests to assess how well the European insurance and occupational pensions sectors are able to cope with severe but plausible adverse developments of financial and economic conditions. Stress test results help supervisors identify the vulnerabilities of the insurance industry and find ways to improve its resilience.

Stress test exercises also include elements to assess the vulnerability of insurers or occupational pension funds to sustainability-related risks, such as climate change.

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Sensitivity and risk analysis

EIOPA carries out analysis to support insurers and supervisors in addressing sustainability risks.

Risk dashboard (ESG)

The Risk Dashboard, based on Solvency II data, summarises the main risks and vulnerabilities in the European Union’s insurance sector through a set of risk indicators. It includes ESG related risks.

Thematic articles

Research articles carried out by experts at EIOPA.