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European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority

Reconciliation Reserve


Article number:  70

1. The reconciliation reserve referred to in point (a)(vi) of Article 69 equals the total excess of assets over liabilities reduced by all of the following:

(a) the amount of own shares held by the insurance and reinsurance undertaking;

(b) foreseeable dividends, distributions and charges;

(c) the basic own-fund items included in points (a)(i) to (v) of Article 69, Article 72(a) and Article 76(a);

(d) the basic own-fund items not included in points (a)(i) to (v) of Article 69, point (a) of Article 72 and point (a) of Article 76, which have been approved by the supervisory authority in accordance with Article 79;

(e) the restricted own-fund items that meet one of the following requirements:

(i) exceed the notional Solvency Capital Requirement in the case of matching adjustment portfolios and ring-fenced funds determined in accordance with Article 81(1);

(ii) that are excluded in accordance with Article 81(2);

(f) the amount of participations held in financial and credit institutions as referred to in Article 92(2) of Directive 2009/138/EC deducted in accordance with Article 68, to the extent that this is not already included in points (a) to (e).

2. The excess of assets over liabilities referred to in paragraph 1 includes the amount that corresponds to the expected profit included in future premiums set out in paragraph 2 of Article 260.

3. The determination of whether, and to what extent, the reconciliation reserve displays the features set out in Article 71 shall not amount to an assessment of the features of the assets and liabilities that are included in computing the excess of assets over liabilities or the underlying items in the undertakings' financial statements.


RULEBOOK TOPIC:  SECTION 2 - Classification of Own Funds


Last update on:  03 May 2021