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European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority



Question ID: 891

Regulation Reference: (EU) No 2015/2450 - templates for the submission of information to the supervisory authorities

Topic: Reporting Templates

Article: 35

Template: S.30.04

Status: Revised

Date of submission: 14 Dec 2016


The French reinsurer CCR has an unlimited State guarantee for the Natural Disasters.
Is it possible to highlight the above in the QRT S.31.01 ? If yes, as the guarantee is unlimited, which amount has to be reported ?
This form of guarantee has can be highlight as a collateral in QRT S.30.04 ?

EIOPA answer

Assuming that the state guarantee applies to CCR (reinsurance undertaking accepting the reinsurance) and not to Generali (reporting entity) this fact is not to be reflected neither in S.30.04 or in S.31.01.
This fact should be considered in the attribution of the probability of default to CCR for the purposes of SCR calculation (counterparty default risk, if applicable).
This guarantee would be relevant for the reporting of S.30.04 of CCR as reporting entity.