Guideline 68 states that "Insurance and reinsurance undertakings should treat premiums which are due for payment by the valuation date as a premium receivable on its balance sheet until the cash is received."

This implicitly assumes that the underlying premium is already due and will be stressed in SCR.

There may be instances especially for a reinsurer where the reinsurance arrangement may state that premiums would be payable one-quarter later. In this case, the premium may not be due at the Balance Sheet date but may have been earned already. 

Can you please advise whether the "Earned part of premium receivable" should become part of claims provisions and not premium provisions?

EIOPA answer

EIOPA agrees that premiums should be included within insurance receivables only after their due date and within technical provisions before that date, regardless whether the premium has already been earned.

Premium provision should include cash flows related to future claim events, i.e. cash flows related to future insurance or reinsurance coverage. Claims provision should include cash flows related to claim events that have already occurred, i.e. cash flows related to past insurance or reinsurance coverage. Therefore, in the case described, since the premium is payable one quarter later, the whole premium should be allocated to technical provision. In particular, the earned part of the premium should be included within the calims provision, while the remaining amount should be included within the premium provision.