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European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority
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Pensions and insurance: leading the future


Publication date
13 December 2019


Keynote speech by Gabriel Bernardino, EIOPA's Chairman

So young people across the world are taking to the streets, urging leaders to
act and to act now. Make no mistake – they are appealing to us, here in this
room, to take steps and do something to improve their future.
And since our sector and society are subject to such rapid change, leadership
has never been so important.
Put simply, if we want to do right for the next generation, we cannot hesitate.
Instead we must lead the future.
And I strongly believe that we have it in our power to make a positive
difference. By ensuring that the guarantees made in the past to consumers will
be delivered despite the low for long interest rate environment; by adjusting
and alleviating the burden of the current regulatory regimes to incentivise
simpler, more transparent and cost effective products; by embracing
innovation and new technologies while preserving a high level of consumer