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European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority


AAE   Actuarial Association of Europe
AIP Annual implementation plan
AMICE Association of Mutual Insurers and Insurance Cooperatives in Europe
AMSB Administrative management or supervisory board
ATD Access to documents
AWP Annual work programme
BFI Berufsförderungsinstitut/vocational training institute
BIPAR  Bureau international des producteurs d’assurances et de réassurances/European Federation of Insurance Intermediaries
BoS Board of Supervisors
CDD Customer due diligence
CSDB Centralised securities database
DB Defined benefit
DGB Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund/German Trade Union Confederation
DNB De Nederlandsche Bank
DVA Dynamic volatility adjustment
EBA European Banking Authority
ECA European Court of Auditors
ECAI External credit-assessment institutions
ECB European Central Bank
EEA European Economic Area
EFTA European Free Trade Association
EIOPA European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority
EMIR European market infrastructure regulation
ESAs European Supervisory Authorities
ESFS European System of Financial Supervisors
ESG Environmental, social and governance
ESMA European Securities and Markets Authority
ESRB European Systemic Risk Board
EU European Union
FCA Financial Conduct Authority (UK)
FoS Freedom of services/freedom to provide service
FSB Financial Stability Board
FSC Financial Supervision Commission
FX Foreign exchange
IAIS International Association of Insurance Supervisors
IAS Internal Audit Service
ICS Internal Control Standards
IDD Insurance Distribution Directive
IORP(s) Institution(s) for occupational retirement provision
IPID Insurance product information document
IRSG Insurance and Reinsurance Stakeholder Group
IT  Information technology
ITS Implementing technical standards
KPI  Key performance indicators
MB Management Board
MoU Memorandum of understanding
NCA National competent authority
NGO Non-governmental organisation
OPSG Occupational Pensions Stakeholder Group
OTC Over the counter
PEPP Pan-European personal pension product
POG Product oversight and governance
PPI Payment protection insurance
RFR Risk-free interest rates
RTS Regulatory technical standards
SC  Steering committees
PRIIPs Packaged Retail and Insurance-based Investment Products
SCR Solvency capital requirement
SRP  Supervisory review process
UFR Ultimate forward rate
VA Volatility adjustment