In Guidelines on group solvency, it is indicated that "when calculating the group solvency capital requirements for the remaining consolidated data, intra-group transactions should be eliminated, while intra-group transactions between the remaining consolidated data and the material ring-fenced funds should not be eliminated."

When reporting C0020, C0030 and C0040 in template S.03.01.04 (for group), do we have to apply this rule? Or IGT has to be eliminated whatever the type (RFF, MAP or remaining part of the business)?

EIOPA answer

The principles as set out in Articles 81 and 217 of the Commission Delegated Regulation 2015/35, and described in GL 15 of EIOPA Guidelines on group solvency, provide that the intra-group transactions between the assets and liabilities associated with a material ring-fenced fund or with each matching adjustment portfolio and the remaining consolidated data should not be eliminated.

However, the template S.03.01 is for the reporting of off-balance sheet items and internal guarantees within the scope of the group are not reported in this template.