Regarding the quantitative reporting template S.12.01 for the preparatory phase I would appreciate a confirmation on the following issue.

Under Gross BE for different countries (cells J1, J2, J4, J6, J7, J9, J10, J12, J13, J14) the description explains: "Amount of gross BE by country of the location of risk underwritten, when the country is the home country, for each of the following Life LoB and totals".

The question regards the expression "location of risk underwritten". Could you confirm which of the following descriptions is the correct one?

a) Country where the risk is underwritten.

b) Location of the risk (e.g. in life insurance, where it is human life what is insured, a person can be moving from one country to another so the location of the risk of a certain policy can be changing).

I have noticed your comment number 900 in the Appendix VI of EIOPA Final Report

on Public Consultation No. 13/010

On the Proposal for Guidelines on

Submission of Information to National

Competent Authorities and my understanding is the same as mentioned above under a).

Could you confirm if this is correct?

EIOPA answer

The understanding is correct. ‘location of risk underwritten’ means the country where the risk is underwritten.