In QRT S2701* cells “Other non-life catastrophe risk”: A17 and C17 (RT/Other non-life catastrophe risk) are different from cells “Man made catastrophe risk - Other non-life catastrophe risk” MH2 and MH4 (RT/Other non-life catastrophe risk, DV/Total/NA).

Could you confirm this difference and explain why those cells are not the same?

EIOPA answer

There was a mistake in the heading of table that include cells MH2 and MH4 (new C1140/R3270 and C1160/R3270). The title should be “Other non-life catastrophe risk” and is not related to man-made catastrophe risk. In fact cells MH2 and MH4 (new C1140/R3270 and C1160/R3270) should be the same as A17 and C17 (new C0010/R0170 and C0030/R0170) as the first table is a summary of the full template.  

Please note that in the Final Report on public consultation No. 14/052 on the implementing technical standards on the templates for the submission of information to the supervisory authorities the title has been amended and this points are identified as being the same data points in the validations file https://dev.eiopa.europa.eu/Taxonomy/Full/2.0.0/EIOPA_SolvencyII_Validat....