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Our newsletter provides an overview of our work, as well as articles on featured topics that are high on EIOPA's agenda and also on the insurance and occupational pensions sectors as a whole.

The newsletter is sent out on a monthly basis 10 times a year. 

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Email alerts

We are currently working on a new way to keep you informed with our work: email alerts. Email alerts are automatic notifications that you can recieve whether exactly at the publication of a news item, on a daily basis or weekly, as it is more covenient for you. They will contain the latest news we publish regarding EIOPA’s activities. You may already subscribe to this service by filling out your email address below.

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You can recieve email alerts:

  • on a daily basis - if a news item is published that day, you will automatically recieve an email in the evening. It cumulates the news published during the day in one email alert;
  • on publcation - just after the news has been published, you will recieve an email. If several news are published in the same day, you will recieve emails with each published news;
  • on a weekly basis - on Fridays afternoon. It cumulates all the news published during the week in one email alert.


Our archive is available only as of October 2021.