Insurance stress test

Stress tests are a regular supervisory tool to assess the resilience of the European insurance sector

2021 Insurance stress test 

The 2021 exercise assesses the vulnerability of the capital and liquidity positions of the European insurance sector against prolonged COVID-19 scenario in a “lower for longer” interest rate environment.

Insurance stress test 2021

2018 Insurance stress test 

The 2018 exercise is tailored to assess the vulnerability of the European insurance sector to specific adverse scenarios and will be based on a sample of 42 insurance groups.

Insurance stress test 2018

2016 Insurance stress test 

The 2016 exercise is tailored to assess the insurance sector’s vulnerabilities to a combination of market risk adverse scenarios.

Insurance stress test 2016

2014 Insurance stress test

The aim of the exercise in 2014 is to test the resilience of insurers regarding market risk under a combination of historical and hypothetical scenarios

Insurance stress test 2014

2011 Insurance stress test

On 4 July 2011 EIOPA announced the results of its second European insurance stress test. To read the press release please visit our News & Press section. You will find the remarks of EIOPA's chairman, Gabriel Bernardino, highlighting the results of the insurance stress test in Speeches & Presentations.

Insurance stress test 2011