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Report on Supervisory Activities 2019

A key area of work in 2019 focused on proposing amendments to Solvency II in the context of the 2020 Review of Solvency II as a result of the identification of inconsistencies in the implementation of some areas of Solvency II. This knowledge lead in some cases to proposals to amend the legislative...
EU - US relations | Big Data

Summary report of the EU-US Insurance Dialogue Project Big Data working group

Cyber Risks | Financial stability

Cyber Risk for Insurers - Challenges and Opportunities

As cyber threats have become more prominent in recent years, they are increasingly considered as a top global risk for the financial sector and the economy as a whole. The increasing frequency and sophistication of cyber attacks, the fast digital transformation and the increased use of big data and...
Big Data

Big Data Analytics in motor and health insurance

Big Data | EU - US relations

EU-U.S. Insurance Dialogue Project - Big Data issue paper

The Big Data working group of the EU-U.S. Project is focusing on the relationship between innovation, technology and insurance, specifically the increasing use of advanced data analytics in the insurance sector. The use of new technology and large datasets in the pricing and underwriting process...
Big Data | Innovation

Joint Committee Final Report on Big Data

The report on Big Data analysis the impact of big data on consumers and financial firms. Overall, the ESAs have found that while the development of Big Data poses some potential risks to financial services consumers, the benefits of this innovation currently outweigh these. Many of the risks...
Big Data | Innovation

Use of big data by financial institutions

The factsheet on Big Data aims at informing consumers of financial services about the impact of Big Data. The factsheet provides consumers with the information about the potential benefits and risks of the use of Big Data techniques and aims to raise awareness of the measures consumers can take if...