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European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority

Solvency II review: information request from national supervisory authorities

Information on the holistic impact assessment of the review

Note: new deadline  - 1 June 2020

Insurance and reinsurance undertakings from the European Economic Area and subject to Solvency II are requested to provide information on the combined impact of the draft advice for the 2020 review of Solvency II with a material impact on the solvency position of undertakings.

The information request is about the combined impact of changes relating to the derivation of the following parts of the solvency calculations: risk-free interest rate term structures, technical provisions, own funds, solvency capital requirement and minimum capital requirement.

National supervisory authorities will contact a representative sample of undertakings to participate in the information request.

Insurance and reinsurance undertakings should submit the completed reporting template to the respective national supervisory authority by 1 June 2020 (his is an extention of the originally published deadline of 31 March). The template should be filled according to the instructions in the technical specifications and taking into account the technical information.

31 JANUARY 2023
Technical specification - updated on 18 March
31 JANUARY 2023
Technical information - updated on 1 April 2020
31 JANUARY 2023
Reporting template
31 JANUARY 2023
Questions and answers on the information request for Solvency II review - updated on 17 June 2020