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European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority

Selection of EIOPA's Stakeholder Groups

Whom you will represent

Candidates can apply to represent one of the following categories of stakeholders:                                                       

  • Beneficiaries (pensions)
  • Consumers and users (insurance and reinsurance)
  • Insurance and reinsurance undertakings and intermediaries (insurance and reinsurance)
  • Institutions for occupational retirement provision - IORPs (pensions)
  • Employees
  • Relevant professional associations
  • Small and Medium-sized Enterprises - SMEs
  • Independent top-ranking academics

Essential skills and knowledge

Candidates should have:

  • Relevant qualifications, skills, knowledge and proven expertise - This professional quality will be assessed against the category selected by the candidate
  • A European dimension in their professional/personal experience

Eligibility and exclusion criteria

Candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • A minimum of four years of experience relevant to the financial services, particularly insurance and pensions
  • Availability to participate in meetings at least four times a year and commitment to carry out significant work to prepare the output of the groups (advice, feedback statements, reports, etc). Candidates should carefully consider their capacity to take part in more than one group - The other two European Supervisory Authorities (EBA and ESMA) are launching their respective call in parallel
  • Good command of verbal and written English to enable the candidate to actively participate in all the aspects of the Group’s activities

Candidates who either are in a situation of conflict of interest or have been found guilty of fraud or misconduct shall be excluded from the selection process.

Desirable skills and knowledge

In addition to the above requirements, proven and relevant professional experience and expertise in the following fields is desirable:

  • Sustainable finance, with a focus on managing climate-related, environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks, as well as other related financial risks, including greenwashing.
  • Digitalisation, such as cyber-security, operational resilience, artificial intelligence, open finance.

Working conditions

Each group meets at least four times a year mainly remotely and at the EIOPA premises in Frankfurt am Main. In addition, the groups meet with EIOPA’s Board of Supervisors at least twice a year.

Members of both stakeholder groups serve for a period of four years starting from the date of the public announcement of the composition of the groups. Members may serve only two successive terms.

EIOPA provides adequate compensation to members that represent non-profit organisations excluding industry representatives. ​This includes for each meeting:

  • Travel expenses
  • Cost of accommodation
  • Allowances (preparation, meeting day, follow-up, and subsistence)

Members shall act independently and in the public interest. They are appointed in a personal capacity, meaning that they cannot be replaced or represented by any other persons during their mandate. Members are also subject to the obligation of professional secrecy laid down in the Decision of the Management Board EIOPA-MB-17-039 from 20 April 2017.


  1. 26 February 2024

    Launch of the call for expression of interest

  2. 25 March 2024

    Deadline for applications

    We strongly recommend not to wait until the last days to apply

  3. 26-27 June 2024

    Final decision by EIOPA’s Board of Supervisors (BoS)

    EIOPA’s BoS appoints members following an open and transparent selection procedure. In making its decision, the BoS shall, to the extent possible, ensure an appropriate reflection of the diversity of the insurance, reinsurance and pensions sectors, geographical and gender balance, and representation across the Union.

  4. 1st week of July 2024

    Communication to applicants about the outcome of the selection and start of mandate

  5. September 2024

    Inaugural meetings of the groups

  6. June 2028

    End of mandate


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