Record of meetings

EIOPA is committed to transparency and publishes information on meetings that its staff members and senior management have with external stakeholders in relation to its mandate.

Meetings of the Chairperson

2020: January | February | March | April | May | June| July| SeptemberOctober| November | December 

2021: January  | February | March (no meeting) | April

Meetings of the Executive Director

2020: January - March | April - June | July - September | October- December

2021January - March

Meetings of EIOPA staff with external stakeholders

Our experts on pensions, insurance, policy, supervisory processes, oversight and consumer protection have regular speaking engagements with external stakeholders. You may find their meeting calendar below.

2020:  January - June| July - December

2019:  January - June | July - December


If you wish to find the calendar of past meetings, you may access the archive of meetings of staff and senior management meetings