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It is about the assessment of the Liquidity Condition for a (possible) transfer from IBOR to OIS swaps for Euro-area. Art. 38 would "communicate liquidity developments". Has anything been communicated since this report, and if yes, where can I find this? 

For example: we (Insurance Z) acquired 100% of the shares of an unlisted non-insurance undertaking (Company A) on 31.3.2023. We will evaluate SII value according to the paragraph 5. of the article 13. (COMMISSION DELEGATED REGULATION (EU) 2015/35), because valuation of individual assets and liabilities in accordance with the paragraph 4. of the article 13. is not practicable.

An authorized PEPP provider indicates on its website that PEPP contributions can be made by individuals as well as their employers. Questions: 1. Is the payment of contributions into the PEPP account by the employer prohibited? 2. Is the payment of contributions into the PEPP account by a third party other than the PEPP saver permitted?

Could you please confirm how we should consolidate a 49% stake in an insurance undertakings, with details about both impact on own funds and SCR. How should we reason on tiering? Should we consider 49% of UT1, T1, T2 and T3% or should we take the 49% of total own funds and then reason in a different way?

In COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING REGULATION (EU) 2023/894 of 4 April 2023 S.37.02 it sais the following: S.37.02 – Risk Concentration – Exposure by currency, sector, country General comments: The tables shall include the risk concentration between entities in the scope of group supervision and third parties. All exposures should be represented by currency, sector and country, starting from the maximum exposure to the minimum one. In case the country, sector or currency is not relevant the figures may be reported under an ‘Other’ category.

Our inquiry pertains to the removal of “Changes in other technical provisions” and the addition of “Balance- other technical expenses/ income” in S.05.01. We report according to Local GAAP and not IFRS 17. As we understand it, S.05.01 it is not supposed to be a full Income statement or even present ”the full technical result” that is reported? Is this correct? If correct, but that it raises some questions about what should be the difference between S.05.01 and ”the full technical result”? Previously, life-insurance companies reported the following under “Changes in other technical provisions”:

Is the column "Maximum cover by transaction" (C0150) meant to include only internal reinsurance?

Does the description of column "Net Receivables"(C0160) in ITS (EU) 2023/894 exclusively describe transactions in the following two situations? - between two insurance undertakings where one undertaking cedes insurance risk to another in the form of reinsurance - between two insurance undertakings in coinsurance arrangement.