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European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority
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Union-wide Strategic Supervisory Priorities 2024-2026


Publication date
11 March 2024


EIOPA identified two strategic objectives that should be monitored in cooperation with the national competent authorities: Financial robustness of insurance undertakings and consumer protection in a disruptive environment. Considering both objectives EIOPA identifies three specific areas to be considered as supervisory priorities. These areas will be revised in each year of this 3-year cycle in order to capture recent developments and trends. Other regular supervisory activities, not explicitly mentioned in this document, will also be carried out in parallel and complement the work on the priorities.

For 2024, EIOPA will focus on:

  1. Continuous monitoring of the impact of the macroeconomic environment
  2. Risk transfers including the capacity and appropriateness of risk transfers
  3. Value for money including in relation to inflation and current macro-economic trends


11 MARCH 2024
EIOPA's Union-wide Strategic Supervisory Priorities 2024 2026.pdf