Symmetric adjustment of the equity capital charge

Compulsory information to be applied now by EU insurance and reinsurance undertakings

Publication is done on a monthly basis.
Upcoming publication dates in 2020 are set as follows:  4 March, 3 April, 6 May, 4 June, 3 July, 5 August, 3 September, 5 October, 5 November, 3 December. ​​​​ 

Previous releases are available here.

The calculation of the symmetric adjustment based on the behaviour of an equity index built by EIOPA exclusively for that purpose. The legal requirements on the determination of the symmetric adjustment and of the EIOPA equity index are set out in the Directive 2009/138/EC (as amended by Directive 2014/51/EU), the Implementing Measures of that Directive, and also in the Implementing Technical Standard on the EIOPA equity index.​