QRT S.05.02 LOG specifies that "the information, provided by country, shall be completed for the five countries with the biggest amount of gross written premiums in addition to the home country or until reaching 90% of the total gross written premiums".

Is the threshold of 90% of the total GWP an alternative to the standard reporting (home country + five main countries)?

E.g. even if the home country and the five main countries do not cover the 90% of the total gross written premiums, is it correct that no additional country is requested to be reported in order to reach a coverage of at least 90% of GWP?

EIOPA answer

Yes, it is the correct interpretation.

See also Q&A 781 of the Answers to questions on the Final report on the ITS on the templates for the submission of information to the supervisory authorities (CP-14-052).