We are wondering whether S.05.02 is a static or dynamic QRT. More precisely, is the number of columns (Top 5 countries) predefined? Or is it possible to have more than 5 countries (in addition of the home country) in this template for both Life and Non-Life activities.

EIOPA answer

In this template the maximum number of 5 columns is pre-defined. The information, provided by country, shall be completed for the five countries with the biggest amount of gross written premiums in addition to the home country or until reaching 90% of the total gross written premiums.

This means that:
-    if with 3 countries in addition to the home country 90% is already complied with, undertaking don’t need to report 5 countries
-    if 90% is not reached with 5 countries in addition to the home-country no additional countries are requested.