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European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority



Question ID: 2854

Regulation Reference: (EU) 2023/894 - ITS with regard to the templates for the submission of information necessary for supervision

Topic: Reporting Templates

Article: Change in S.19.01 LOG File for BECP triangles

Template: S.19.01

Status: Rejected

Date of submission: 01 Nov 2023


Within the LOG File for QRT S.19.01, we noticed the following change/addition in the descriptions for those triangles that include Best Estimate Claims Provisions values: ..."net of salvage and subrogation and excluding any expenses, as well as any future premiums." In our opinion, there is a mismatch between this new description and the validations between S.19.01 and S.17.01, for example BV1438 (and following) or BV1474 (and following). During the implementation of Solvency II, we implemented S.19.01 aligned to S.17.01. Could you therefore confirm that we can keep the calculation of the triangles in S.19.01 as they are, especially for the diagonales of previous years?

EIOPA answer

This question has been rejected because the matter it refers to has been answered in Q&A 2953 - European Union (