LOG file July 2012 Re - J1 Basic_Shares LOG it is stated that the template should be filled by non/life Insurance Undertakings.
Understanding template is not applicable to Re-Insurance companies.

In the new EIOPA LOG files it is stated that the templates S.30.01. – Facultative covers – Basic (old Re-J1 – Basic),and S.30.02. – Facultative covers (in terms of reinsured exposure) – Shares (old Re-J1 – Shares) are applicable for insurance and reinsurance undertakings.

As the change was not identified in the document of the"Main changes of reporting package" provided of EIOPA we would be happy for clarification on the level of applicability. 

EIOPA answer

EIOPA confirms that template S.30.01. is applicable to insurance and reinsurance undertakings which reinsure and/or retrocede business on a facultative basis.