We consider premium cash-flows that have a contractual payment date after the valuation date as not due and hence include these cash-flows within the Solvency II technical provisions. Therefore, regardless of whether any premium cash-flows have been accrued under the statutory financial statment, the premium cash-flows are included within the technical provisions if the contracturial payment date is after the valuation date. Could you please confirm if our understanding is correct?

Background of the question

Our approach is based on guideline 68 of the Technical Provision Guidelines and the following Q&A response https://www.eiopa.europa.eu/content/153_en#:~:text=According%20to%20Solvency%20II%20rules,payment%20by%20the%20valuation%20date.

EIOPA answer

.EIOPA agrees with the approach described by the stakeholder