Based on the provisions of Art. 24 para (1), an insurance broker shall be able to sell to its customers a motor insurance policy bundled with road assistance services (service which is not insurance) which might be provided by a third-party. Or, an accident insurance policy bundled with telemedicine services. Is the broker legally allowed to bundle such insurance products with those services which are not insurances?

Background of the question

As the IDD was transposed in Romanian legislation, the Art. 24 is identical. However, the secondary legislation does not cover at all the cross-selling activities described above. Furthermore, neither the allowed activities list, nor the reports to be submitted by the broker to the supervisory authority do not include eventual revenues from cross-selling activities described above.

EIOPA answer

This question has been rejected because the matter it refers to has been answered in Q&A 2338.

The broker is legally allowed to bundle/sell insurance products together with an ancillary product/service which is not insurance which might be provided by a third party (but has to follow Article 24 of IDD).