In reference to question ID: 1701 from Q&A, is our Financial Supervisory Authority interpretation correct that undertaking should, in the reporting form S.23.01 under C0060 / R0720 "foreseeable dividends distributions and charges" for the quarterly reporting, take into account a full dividend that is expected to be paid out of the planned year end result (profit) and not aliquot amount of foreseeable dividend in each quarter. According to this interpretation, in each quarter the undertaking should include in this item the relatively constant amount if the planned profit does not change significantly.

EIOPA answer

EIOPA confirms that as soon as a dividend is foreseeable, the full amount of dividend must be included in the quarterly reporting at one time, which means that it shall not be added incrementally from quarter to quarter. The clarification is included also in the current draft of the ITS amendments on reporting 2022.