We have a question related to BV735 with respect to covered bonds. In Q&A 872 it's stated that covered bonds should be part of the S.03.01. In Q&A 1213 and 1233 it's stated covered bonds should not be part of the S.11.01. BV735 states the values of the S.03.01 and the S.11.01 should match. Currently we report bonds with CIC "26" and CIC "27" on the list of assets (S.06.02) in the template S.03.01 on cell R0100/C0030 and the collateral on R0100/C0020 but we don't report these bonds on the S.11.01. Is that approach correct given BV735 or should we adjust either the S.03.01 or S.11.01 for future reporting periods?

EIOPA answer

EIOPA needs to further analyse the question raised. In the meantime EIOPA will deactivate BV735 validation and you can continue using the current method until more clarity is provided.