I may have a question about the subjet number 1732 - "S.12.01 (Life and Health SLT Technical Provisions)". You explain there that : "In S.12.01 it is expected that C150/R230 is equal to C150/R240 + C150/R250", but for some line of business (31L, 32L and 34L) it's not requested to make a distinction between the guaranteed benefit and the discretionary benefit. So do you expect this done for all lob on the column C150, then C150/R240 shouldn't be equal to C020+C100/R0240 and C150/R0250 shouldn't be equal to C020+C100/R0240. Is it right please?

EIOPA answer

Please note that in light of a Q&A 1827 EIOPA will revise Q&A 1732.