We are working intensively with the new taxonomy and are at the moment going through the new validations.
During this work we have found some inconsistencies and have some questions.
First of all we are wondering which one of the BV:501 and BV:502 is the correct one?
BV501  {r0760}={r0700}-{r0710}-{r0720} -{r0730}-{r0740}
BV502  {r0760}={r0700}-{r0730}-{r0740}

Secondly we have some questions concerning the new release 2.3.0 and the validations BV890 and BV891.
Regarding BV891 we wonder if not r0650,c0100 is supposed to be replaced by r0700,co110?

And furthermore if Excess of assets over liabilities could be different between S.23.01 R0700,C0060 and S.23.02 R0700,C0110?

EIOPA answer

Both validations (BV551 and BV552 are the correct numbers) are correct. However, its entry points needed to be adjusted. This means that for some entry points BV551 should be used and BV552 for others. These entry points will be corrected in the hotfix.
On BV891: Reserves from financial statements adjusted for Solvency II valuation differences is the total of reserves from the financial statements after adjustment for valuation differences. This item shall include values from financial statement such as retained earnings, reserve capital, net profit, profits from previous years, revaluation capital (fund), other reserve capital. This is what is calculated here and should not be replaced with r0700,co110.

On the last question, no, the figures reported in S.23.01 R0700,C0060 and S.23.02 R0700,C0110 should be the same.