Regarding templates S.06.02 and S.08.01 could you please clarify what should be done in case, when material changes in S2 values (C0170 - Total Solvency II amount) occur between 4Q reporting and YE reporting?

Should we report S.06.02 and S.08.01 with corrections in the YE reporting? Or maybe the correction should be made in the 4Q reporting and when submitting the YE reporting the data should include information in S.01.01 C0010/R0130

– Not due as S.06.02 and S.08.01 reported quarterly?
In second case, if we have to make corrections in 4Q reporting, should we correct also other reports (if necessary): S.02.01, S.23.01, S.25.01 and S.28.01?

EIOPA answer

When templates S.06.02 and S.08.01 are not exempted by the relevant National Competent Authority for quarterly reporting (4 quarters are submitted) the annual submission is not requested.
The general rule regarding resubmission of data is defined by Article 4 of DR 2015/2450.  In case of changes that occur after 4Q submission affecting templates S.06.02, S.06.03, S.08.01 or S.08.02, that the undertaking considers as material, a resubmission of the 4Q templates should be done to provide the corrected information.

It should be noted that other templates in the quarterly reporting package can also be affected by changes in the templates listed above and therefore the necessary adjustment need to be performed as well. See also Q&A 1160.