According to the log document of the S.12.01 QRT, the cells C0100/R0100 to C140/ R0100 are supposed to represent the risk margin per LoB. However, the annex I of the delegated acts seems to consider these businesses as a single LoB (“Life reinsurance”). Could you confirm that the risk margin must be allocated at a smaller granularity than the LoB? Or shall we consider these businesses as four LoBs, even regarding calculations other than the risk margin (by example Article 42 §3)?

EIOPA answer

In fact,  columns C0110 to C0140 go an extra step. According to Annex I, the LoB for Life reinsurance obligations are only two: LoB 35 and 36.

The structure of the template does not create additional LoB and conclusions should not be drawn to other requirements such as the one indicated in article 42 (3).

However, in template S.12.01 it was considered important to request a set of minimum information with a higher level of granularity for 6 items, being Risk margin one of them.