Template S.28.01 and S.12.01
The cells B19, B20, B21 are equal to the corresponding Line of Businesses of the Technical Provisions (S.12.01), B22 to the rest not covered in B19, B20, B21, “‘Best Estimate’ minus ‘Total Recoverables from reinsurance and SPV before the adjustment for expected losses due to counterparty default’” (“row B – row C” of template S.12.01). This could be concluded from the cross-checks CAS75 to CAS77. 

However for the ‘Accepted reinsurance’ in the technical provisions template there is no split made between WP, UL or OL (column 7a/7b/7c). Should the specification be made here? Should these amounts for Best Estimate be included? Is it correctly stated that we are missing here the cells B7A/C7A; B7B/C7B; B7C/C7C? 

EIOPA answer

The validations referred to have been suspended for preparatory phase. 

For information please note that for the Technical Standard, currently under public consultation, the validations have been revised.

This validations have indeed to consider the following:
- The recoverables should be considered after the adjustment for expected losses due to the counterparty default;
- The information for the split of the accepted reinsurance is only available for some rows in the technical provisions template.