22 Mar 2022

Introduction to the Pan-European Personal Pension Product (PEPP) Regulation

Joint Commission-EIOPA webinar

On 22 March 2022 the Pan-European Personal Pension Product (PEPP) Regulation starts to apply.

Supplementary personal pensions can be an important complement to public pensions if they are high-quality products that are easy and safe to invest.

PEPP is an important milestone on the road to addressing the pension gap and achieving a pan-European market for personal pension products within the capital markets union.

This webinar - directed to both businesses and consumers - will provide an entry-level introduction to what PEPPs are about and what value they can bring

  • What is PEPP about?
  • What value can they bring?
  • When can we expect PEPPs on the market?

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There will be a panel debate followed by questions & answers.


  • Til Klein, Founder, Vantik
  • Christian Lemaire, New Strategy & Vision, President & Founder, Member of the OPSG at EIOPA, Board member of Amundi Pension Fund (IORP)
  • Hugo Prenn, Financial Product Structuring Uniqa Insurance
  • Tim Shakesby, Head of Conduct Oversight, EIOPA
  • Peter Ohrlander, Policy officer, European Commission, Directorate General for Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union (DG FISMA), Pensions & Insurance


Tuesday 22 March 2022, 10.00 - 11.30

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