Financial education map

To make informed choices, consumers need to understand key concepts about insurance and pensions.

In the map below you can find informative websites and portals in your country aimed precisely to help consumers find their way in the insurance and pensions sectors.

EIOPA has a leading role in promoting transparency, simplicity and fairness in the market for consumer financial products and services across the internal market, including by reviewing and coordinating competent authorities’ financial literacy and education initiatives.

Check our page For consumers which provides useful information on the different stages of buying and using insurance and pensions products.

EIOPA has published a Report on Financial Literacy and Education Initiatives by Competent Authorities. The report looked into:

  • national strategies and legal competences of EIOPA’s Members regarding financial literacy/education
  • national and international cooperation in financial literacy/education
  • target groups, tools and programmes of the financial literacy/education initiatives
  • measuring the success of initiatives

Rather than publishing a follow-up report, EIOPA focused on a more interactive way to share information on financial education.

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