In the Annex IX of the delegated act 2019/981, it is define that: " The mapping of risk zones for the regions AT, CZ, CH, DE, HE, IT, NL, NO, PL, PT, ES and SK shall be based on the first 2 digits of the postal code;" To this paragraph and concerning Spain in the Cat Nat, there are define 50 zones to its postal codes in the delegated act 2015/35. This has not been updated with the paragraph stated above, so taking into account that Spain has 52 zones to its postal codes, Ceuta(51) and Melilla (52) included, I would like to know how can I include their sum insured in the Cat nat risk. Or if is there any right way to include this two zones in others. 

EIOPA answer

The CRESTA used in Solvency II are based on the CRESTA 2010 version which did not include Ceuta(51) and Melilla(52). EIOPA has discussed with Perils which manages the CRESTA zone and came to the conclusion that both sum insured for CRESTA 51 and CRESTA 52 should be added to CRESTA 11. This allows for (1) a conservative view of the windstorms and hail risks and (2) geographical similarities.