Regarding the template S.30.03, could you please provide additional information regarding cells C0210 and C0230 and the interpretation of the term "limit"? E.g. considering a non proportional XL reinsurance treaty 4M xs 1M, we can think of the following 2 possible interpretations:

1) the limit, as stated in the reinsurance treaty, is 4M and should be given in C0210. However in this case C0230 would be 3M=4M-1M, which is incorrect (the maximum cover being 4M), or

2) the limit is to be considered as 4M+1M=5M (contrary to the terminology used in the reinsurance treaty) and C0210 should be filled in as 5M and C0230 should be 5M-1M=4M.

EIOPA answer

Assuming that by XL 4M xs 1M you mean, in that the reinsurer would pay a maximum of 4 M€ (above 1M€ and until 5M€)

C0210"Limit" is the limit of the reinsurance treaty, in this case should be 5.

C0230 reflects the amount of maximum cover per risk or event minus the priority which in this case should be 4.

C0190 should reflect the priority, in this case 1.