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Consultation on the proposal for IBOR transitions


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EIOPA welcomes comments on the consultation on Interbank Offered Rates (IBOR) transitions. EIOPA seeks to adopt a common approach for all currencies on the transition to the new rates in order to continue producing consistent RFR term structures.

EIOPA will consider the feedback received and will submit the final proposal for adoption by the Board of Supervisors.

Please send your comments to EIOPA using the EU Survey tool by Friday, 23 July 2021, 23:59 CET by responding to the questions under the link below. 

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Референтни документи

Consultation paper

31 ЯНУАРИ 2023 Г.
Consultation paper on IBOR transitions.pdf
(1.46 MB - PDF)

Feedback report

31 ЯНУАРИ 2023 Г.
Report on IBOR transitions including feedback from consultation and information request.pdf
(1.92 MB - PDF)