Consultations and surveys

EIOPA organises written consultations in order to receive comments from all interested parties, including market participants, consumers and other end-users.

EIOPA invites interested parties to send any comments by email, within the indicated deadline, using the provided paper specific, customised template and quoting the reference of the consultation paper. EIOPA will make all comments available on its website, except where respondents specifically request that their comments remain confidential.

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Stress test | Cyber Risks

Discussion Paper on Methodologies of Insurance Stress Testing - Cyber component

The Discussion Paper is open for comments until Tuesday, 28 February 2023 . Stakeholders are invited to submit their feedback via email by using the template for comments provided below. Contributions should be sent to the following email address: . Contributions...
Cross-border | Governance

Consultation on the use of governance arrangements in third countries

EIOPA welcomes comments on the Consultation paper on the supervisory statement on the use of governance arrangements in third countries. Stakeholders are kindly invited to provide their feedback until 31 October 2022 by responding to the questions in the online survey.