Consultations and surveys

EIOPA organises written consultations in order to receive comments from all interested parties, including market participants, consumers and other end-users.

EIOPA invites interested parties to send any comments by email, within the indicated deadline, using the provided paper specific, customised template and quoting the reference of the consultation paper. EIOPA will make all comments available on its website, except where respondents specifically request that their comments remain confidential.

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Consultation on the supervisory statement on exclusions in insurance products related to risks arising from systemic events

EIOPA welcomes comments on the Consultation paper on the supervisory statement on exclusions in insurance products related to risks arising from systemic events. Please send your comments to EIOPA by using the Eu Survey below, by 18 July 2022.

Consultation on the Supervisory statement on management of non-affirmative cyber underwriting exposures

EIOPA welcomes comments on the Consultation paper on the management of non-affirmative cyber underwriting exposures. Please send your comments to EIOPA by using the Eu Survey below, by 18 July 2022.
Solvency II

Consultation on the advice on the review of the Securitisation prudential framework in Solvency II

On 18th October 2021, the European Commission sent a Call for Advice to the Joint Committee (JC) of the ESAs for the purposes of the securitisation prudential framework review. The CfA seeks the JC’s assistance to assess the recent performance of the rules on capital requirements (for banks and (re...
Regulation | Sustainability

Consultation on sustainability disclosures for Simple, Transparent and Standardised securitisations

The European Supervisory Authorities (EBA, EIOPA and ESMA) published a Consultation Paper seeking input on draft Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) on the content, methodologies and presentation of information in respect of the sustainability indicators for Simple, Transparent and Standardised (...

Public consultation on the revised Decision on EIOPA's regular information request towards NCAs regarding the provision of occupational pensions information

The aim of the public consultation is to improve IORPs reporting focusing on emerging risks and new challenges and issues observed by NCAs and pensions industry since its first implementation in 2018. In the consultation package EIOPA proposes to amend its current Decision by including the...
Sustainability | IDD

Public consultation on draft Guidelines on integrating the customer’s sustainability preferences in the suitability assessment under the IDD

EIOPA’s draft Guidelines provide guidance on: How to help customers better understand the concept of “sustainability preferences” and their investment choices; The collection of information on sustainability preferences from customers; How to match customer preferences with products, based on the...
Solvency II

Data Collection on the Prudential Treatment of Climate-Related Adaptation Measures in Non-Life Insurance

Background information Following EIOPA’s recent pilot exercise on climate change adaptation in non-life underwriting and pricing, EIOPA is launching a data collection to assess the potential for a dedicated Pillar 1 treatment of climate-related adaptation measures in Solvency II’s standard formula...
Consumer protection

Public consultation on retail investor protection

The consultation is a response to a Call for advice , which the European Commission sent to EIOPA in July 2021. The Call for advice relates to the implementation of the European Commission’s Capital Markets Union Action Plan and, more specifically, its Retail Investment Strategy, which aims to...

Follow-up survey on the potential offering of Pan-European Personal Pension Product

The aim of this survey is to gauge and better understand the potential take-up of PEPP by eligible providers (asset managers, insurance undertakings, IORPs and credit institutions, including banks). The responses given shall provide EIOPA with valuable insight and help the European supervisory...

Consultation on Application guidance on running climate change materiality assessment and using climate change scenarios in the ORSA

The consultation gives general insights in the ORSA where undertakings have the possibility to address climate change risks and provides examples using both dummy non-life and life companies, which will help to design the steps for the materiality assessment and to run climate change scenarios...
Sustainability | Impact underwriting

Pilot Exercise on Climate Change Adaptation in Non-Life Underwriting and Pricing

EIOPA launches the voluntary Pilot Exercise to better understand how insurers integrate climate-related adaptation measures in non-life insurance products and to assess the appropriateness of the corresponding prudential treatment of these insurance products. If you are interested in participating...

Call for evidence on the European Commission mandate regarding the PRIIPs Regulation

The European Supervisory Authorities (ESAs) welcome comments on this call for evidence concerning the call for advice to the Joint Committee (JC) of the ESAs regarding the PRIIPs Regulation. Please send your comments by Thursday 16 December 2021 via the survey link below.
Internal models

Study on Diversification in Internal Models - phase 2

On 5 October 2021, EIOPA launched the second phase of the study on diversification in internal models. Objectives: to gain an overview of the current approaches in the market and, on best effort basis, analyse and compare the levels of diversification, to facilitate a better understanding of...
Reporting | Supervision | Disclosure

Consultation on the amendments of supervisory reporting and public disclosure documents

After a number of years of the implementation of Solvency II and the information received by national supervisory authorities it is important to ensure that the regular supervisory reporting remains fit for purpose. The analysis over the last years lead to a number of proposals to amend the...
Solvency II | Supervision

Consultation on Supervisory Statement on supervision of run-off undertakings

The aim of the supervisory statement is to ensure that a high-quality and convergent supervision is applied to run-off undertakings or portfolios that are subject to Solvency II regulation. Acquisition of run-off portfolios and run-off undertakings by other insurance undertakings is increasing and...

Consultation on the revision of the Guidelines on Contract Boundaries

The Guidelines on contract boundaries promote a consistent application of an insurance or reinsurance contract boundary. A contract boundary specifies whether the additional cover arising from policyholders’ options is regarded as existing or future business. The new and amended guidelines provide...

Consultation on the revision of the Guidelines on Valuation of Technical Provisions

The Guidelines on valuation of technical provisions aim to increase consistency and convergence of professional practice for all types and sizes of undertakings across the EU Member States and to support undertakings in calculating their technical provisions under Solvency II. In the new and...

Consultation on technical advice on the development of pension dashboards and the collection of pensions data

The consultation paper on pensions dashboards sets out proposals for the development of pension dashboards, which will support the EU and the Member States in monitoring the adequacy and sustainability of pension systems. EIOPA invites stakeholders to provide feedback to this consultation paper by...

Consultation on technical advice on pension tracking services

In this consultation paper EIOPA presents the development of best practices for the setting up a national pension tracking tool, an online application that will provide citizens with an overview of their future retirement income, based on their entitlements from all pension schemes in which they...
Stress test

Discussion paper on the Methodological Framework for Stress-Testing IORPs

The methodological framework for stress-testing IORPs sets out theoretical and practical rules, guidance and possible approaches to support future IORP stress test exercises. This conceptual approach is expected to make IORP stress test exercises more efficient, in particular for the IORPs to carry...