Planning & Reporting Specialist


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Job description

The Planning and Reporting Specialist will will contribute to the Agency’s planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting activities:

  • Strategic and operational planning: assisting in the preparation of EIOPA’s corporate annual and multi-annual work programmes and internal implementation plans, covering both business as usual and change activities;
  • Monitoring and evaluation: monitoring the implementation of planned activities as per the agreed work plans and evaluating efficiency and effectiveness aspects;
  • Corporate risk management: supporting the running of EIOPA’s yearly risk assessment process and periodic reviews;
  • Corporate reporting: assisting in the preparation of EIOPA’s quarterly and annual reports to internal and external stakeholders on progress towards achieving the agreed EIOPA objectives;
  • Furthermore:
  • Working closely with EIOPA’s Change Portfolio Officer, Process Management and Internal Control Specialists to provide support in the areas of corporate planning and reporting and ensuring an integrated approach;
  • Engagement with stakeholders: liaising with EIOPA’s departments, units and teams in matters related to corporate planning and reporting;
  • Contributing to the further development of processes and tools in the area of corporate planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting;
  • Organising meetings, workshops, seminars and network cooperation in the field of corporate planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting;
  • Performing other tasks as required according to the needs and priorities of the Agency at specialist level.

Contract Type And Duration

Contract Agency FGIII